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‘Burning Bright’: Blake at the John Rylands

Annie Muir finds manuscripts worth pressing up against the glass for, at the William Blake exhibition

Book Club is back!

Harriet Hill-Payne, The Mancunion’s own Arts editor, talks to Books about Great Expectations

How do you choose how to choose your next book?

Online book recommendation sites get away from best-seller lists and towards personally tailored selections

Books every foodie should read: #1

With an abundance of gastronomic literature on offer, Maddy Hubbard takes us through the essentials. First up: Bourdain.

See your creative writing printed in the Books section

We want your creative writing

Will the libraries survive?

Cuts have left public libraries struggling to survive. Will they make it? And what will it mean if they don’t?

Secret Manchester: The Portico Library

The Portico Library serves up a slice of secret Manchester, and a good slice of cake too

Anime for beginners

The Comic Collective provides some anime classics, in the form of both film and book, to usher in new fans

Technology gained

As the worlds of dusty books and shiny screens collide, is the future of fiction lost? Twitter suggests not.

Escape in a children’s story

Remember how fun reading was when you were a kid? Joelle Jefferis advocates reigniting the adventure

“We got him”: celebrating death isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it is for the American

The politically timed re-release of We Got Him!: A Memoir of the Hunt and Capture of Saddam Hussein rankles

Book Club cross-sections: Emily Clark, Food and Drink editor

We asked fellow Mancunion editor, Emily Clark, what she has been reading (and drinking) this week

Call for Contributors

Want to write for Books?

Review: Room, by Emma Donoghue

Phillipa Moran looks at the novel Room in its contemporary, and not at all fictional, context

Book Club: Ata Rahman

This week Ata Rahman, history student and co-editor of the Manchester Historian answers to Book Club

Never Judge a Book by its Film Cover

We ask whether a film adaptation can ever be as good as the original book