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Classic recommendations for non-classics readers

Classic recommendations for non-classics readers

Do you love to read but hate the dread and intimidation that comes with classics? Here are our top recommendations for books to start with if you want to enjoy classic literature that little bit more
Our favourite Christmas films

Our favourite Christmas films

Wondering what you should watch this Christmas? Check out the list of our favourite festive films

Tom Petty: A Farewell (1950-2017)

A farewell to Rock and Roll legend Tom Petty, who died on Monday at the age of 66

The destruction of Palmyra is a very human tragedy

Alex Daniel argues for humanity’s sake, that we shouldn’t underestimate the tragedy of IS destroying an ancient city and the heritage it represents

Interview: In Our Time producer Victoria Brignell

Victoria Brignell is a producer of BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time. We talked about the programme’s role in academia, access to a career in the media, and the future of Radio 4