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communism Articles

Why Engels? Why Now?

On the back of Jeremy Corbyn’s resounding victory in last year’s Labour leadership election, we explore the legacy of adopted Mancunian Friedrich Engels

Frida Kahlo and the rebel commodity

Does consumer capitalism and modern feminism appropriate its icons wrongly? Madeleine Jones casts a critical eye over the use of Frida Kahlo merely as a fashionable image

Religion: Force of Evil or Force for Good?

Ben Farren and Samuel Gilmore argue each side of the coin in answer to the question: Is religion detrimental to society?

The Working Class Movement Library

Annie Muir’s finds some stirring stuff in Salford’s Working Class Movement Library

My Political Hero: Ho Chi Minh

Oliver Reynolds reviews the life of controversial leader Ho Chi Minh

My Political Hero: Hans-Dietrich Genscher

This week Hanna Krasmann looks at her political hero, Hans-Dietrich Genscher