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Deaf Institute Articles

Live: Honeyblood

With their refreshingly modest and empowering performance, Honeyblood are ones to watch, writes Nancy Colbert

Live: Scott Fagan

Rediscovered folk artist Scott Fagan plays at the Deaf Institute, making Oscar Talbot wonder how he was ever forgotten in the first place

Live: Ultimate Painting

Ultimate Painting’s 1980s-indebted indie pop warms the band’s typically shy audience, writes Joe Taylor

Feature: Guide to Manchester’s Music Venues

From sold-out arenas to atmospheric basements, this Freshers’ guide shows what Manchester’s array of venues has to offer

Live: Mutoid Man

Daft antics and shredded faces make Mutoid Man’s gig one to remember

Live: Liturgy

On this showing, Liturgy didn’t earn the “transcendental black metal” badge they’ve pinned themselves with, but the return of Greg Fox salvaged some of their wonder

The Deaf Institute: A sensation

Like a cat, the green-eyed Bon Vivant prowls just off Oxford Road to see what she can get her paws on

Live: This Is The Kit

This Is The Kit’s gentle folk rock makes for an intimate, friendly peformance

Live: Philip Selway

Philip Selway holds the audience’s attention even as the general mood puts the audience into an ethereal, contemplative haze

Live: Viet Cong

Viet Cong’s set is precise but fundamentally unimaginative

Live: Alvvays / Moon King

Canadian up-and-comers Alvvays manage to charm their sold-out crowd

Live: Neon Waltz

Neon Waltz’s performance lacked energy

Live: The Staves

The Staves continue to amaze with their bewitching brand of folk-pop

Live: Rhodes

Rhodes leaves the audience wanting more with his soulful performance at Deaf Institute

Live: Rae Morris

Rae Morris has charming qualities, but her songs are two dimensional

Live: Noah and the Whale

Noah and the Whale please their fans with a free, request driven gig

Live: Farao

Farao is captivating, though lacking in substance without her backing band

Live: San Cisco

San Cisco perform a fun set but their performance lacks edge.

Live: Ghostpoet

Ghostpoet transforms his songs in a live setting to mesmerizing effect

Live: Splashh

Splashh fail to make waves but perform an enjoyable set.