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Review: Hand Me Down

Review: Hand Me Down

Contact Young Company treat a small audience to an intense ethical debate using fashion catwalks as a space to question the unsustainable and unethical overconsumption creates by quick fashions and trends
Crocs are making a comeback…

Crocs are making a comeback…

People say that fashion exists on a 20-year cycle. As we begin this new decade of the not-so-roaring 20s, it seems inevitable that the Croc is back in fashion.
Modest Fashion Show: Electric Bazaar x The Whitworth

Modest Fashion Show: Electric Bazaar x The Whitworth

Ethical fashion brand Electric Bazaar show how modest fashion can be for everyone at their debut event
Sephora’s “Witch Kit” appears to be a curse to minority groups

Sephora’s “Witch Kit” appears to be a curse to minority groups

Some Native Americans and allies have used the debate to address the need for social change in the fashion and beauty industries.

It’s easy being green

From H&M to Stella McCartney, Deputy Fashion and Beauty Editor Talia Lee-Skudder reveals how green fashion is a trend we will all soon be embracing

How ethical is our fashion?

Sarah Kilcourse delves into the world of ethical fashion and investigates just how ethical our high-street really is

Beyoncé sparks outcry with her custom-made ‘Zoo-in-a-Shoe’.

Natalie Clark discusses Beyonce’s ethical fashion faux-pas

Ethical Fashion: What it says on the label?

If something is labelled as ethically sourced, can we take that as the absolute truth? Alice Tofts thinks not…

Inside the Outsider: Interview

This week ‘The Mancunion’ interviews Noorin Khamisani, the founder of ethical fashion brand, Outsider.

Inside the Outsider

Does ethical fashion come at too high a price? Grainne Morrison and Jake Pummintr investigate…

Ethical Craving and Saving

Lusting after something that you simply cannot afford? Here is Chloe Letcher’s high street alternative with an ethical twist…

Ethical Style Icon: Emma Watson

Emma Williams presents a famous representative for ethically sourced fashion

One for One?

We all know TOMS espadrilles but are they as ethical as they sell themselves to be? Miles Zilesnick investigates