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Fighters and mental health

Fighters and mental health

It takes a certain calibre of brain chemistry to be a fighter. One filled with demons striving to become angels. What happens when the demons lay idle for too long?
Fight in University of Manchester library caught on camera

Fight in University of Manchester library caught on camera

Footage shows alleged fight between student and older man in University of Manchester Main Library

Fight breaks out in SU bar during US election overnight broadcast

A fight broke out during the overnight broadcast of the US Presidential elections in the University of Manchester’s Students’ Union bar, which saw Donald Trump elected President

Student fights off gun-toting thief on campus: Caught on CCTV

Watch the moment an 18-year-old student fought off an armed 42-year-old who tried to steal his phone

Khan he do it?

Amir Khan has been voted fans’ favourite in an official online poll on who Floyd Mayweather’s next opponent will be

VIP club shut after fight

Police were called to the ‘Circle Club’ after 20 people were involved in a violent altercation