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Why are you laughing: The science of humour

Why are you laughing: The science of humour

While humour is an innate part of being human, dating back to ‘primate laughter’, exactly what makes something funny is still mostly unknown
Review: Mid90s

Review: Mid90s

Jonah Hill’s directoral debut is a heartfelt and raw coming-of-age movie that takes an honest, and reflective look back at what it’s like to be a teenager

Tell me what’s your flavour

Romance is a risky business. Let’s stop seeking gratification in sex, says Rowena Cox-Willmott, and give some love to snacks instead

Beards: the real winter warmer

A beard isn’t just for Christmas, says Jack Metcalfe: it’s a whole lifestyle.

SPOTTED 18/11/13

Seen someone out and about who you just can’t get off your mind? Or fancy letting someone know JUST how much they annoy you? This is Spotted. We’re here to help.

The aristocrats are back

They’re posh, rich and kind of awkward – and we just can’t get enough. Rowena Cox-Willmott gives her verdict on the return of Made in Chelsea

Horoscopes – 21 October to 3 November

What’s written in the stars for you this week? Mystic Moya predicts…