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Top Five: Neo-Noir Films

With the sequel to Blade Runner, a modern film noir first, science-fiction second, released this month, Lucas counts down his favourite neo-noirs

Review: The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight may not stand up as one of Tarantino’s finest films, but on its own terms it is an enjoyable flick featuring strong performances and the director’s trademark sharp dialogue

Feature: Tarantino vs Netflix

Who knows, maybe in a couple of years, people will go on about how “cool” VHS films are, just like with film cameras and typewriters today. But right now, unfortunately not everyone currently agrees

Top 5: Tarantino characters who should have been played by a different actor

James gives us his Inglorious Casters

5 songs in the field of: Tarantino

The legendary director’s eclectic musical tastes have underscored his canon – here’s five of the best

Awards season brings fresh controversies

Dylan Wiggan looks into a recurring theme of this years awards season

The Revenge of Tarantino

Nihal takes a look at what makes a Tarantino film so brutally entertaining

I Hate…

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