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Review: Rice

Review: Rice

Head of Culture Michal Wasilewski reviews Rice at HOME
HOME is serving Rice

HOME is serving Rice

Michele Lee’s award-winning play, Rice, is coming to Manchester’s HOME Theatre

Mix and Match Stir Fry

Buying a stir fry deal from a supermarket always leaves me pushing mystery veg around my plate and wishing for more chicken or noodles. The simple way to get around this is by making your own. It seems really complicated but actually, it couldn’t be easier, just choose from this mix and match list and follow the cooking instructions.

The Japan Review

”It was yakitori, a long open flame grill, the soaring fire reflected in the beads of sweat that adorned the grillmans forehead like a crown. Fred said he looked like Charles Bronson”

Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen

Kate and Gina on another whirlwind adventure as they turn to the veg side and head to the specialists on Wilmslow Rd: Lotus Kitchen. Ain’t no stopping them now

A rookie’s guide to rice

Let this advice become ingrained in your memory