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Pandora Papers: Pandora’s Box has opened and it’s worth over $32 trillion

Pandora Papers: Pandora’s Box has opened and it’s worth over $32 trillion

Delve into the revelations of the Pandora Papers and their implications for high level politicians

Free IFS talk on whether rich pay enough tax

“If you care about who’s paying for our public services, you should come to our public talk on the 24th” said IFS Associate Director ahead of free public talk

Should the BBC be funded by the tax payer?

With its recent changes and historical significance seemingly in conflict, is it time to rethink the BBC’s funding?

The taxing demands of being a leader

Jessica Chow-Lau argues that we need proper financial understanding to judge David Cameron appropriately and get to the bottom of tax avoidance

Spending review: What does it mean for students?

Wednesday’s spending review heralds massive cuts for student nurses and higher education more broadly

Sugar, bacon and the missing link

Joely Thomas asks whether taxing and warning against unhealthy foods is the best way to solve the country’s poor diet

Where have all the book Amagone?

There’s a rumble in the jungle, but this time it’s our small book retailers getting knocked out

The UK sits at the beating heart of global tax haven culture

Michael Selby-Green argues that corporate tax avoidance in the ‘developing world’ is a crime the UK is becoming more complicit in

VAT is a bloody mess

Amelie Eckersley argues that deeming sanitary products ‘non-essential’ and attaching a 5 per cent VAT unfairly disadvantages women

The ‘Bucks Stocked Here: Union in deal with “tax-dodging” chain

The Students’ Union is “aware of claims of tax-dodging” but “do not have a policy in place to boycott” company

Tuition fees ‘biggest contributing factor to inflation’

Savings from fee increases “mostly taken up” by extra annual spending created by inflation

Why Osborne was right to drop the 50p tax rate

The Chancellor was right to cut the top rate of tax in last weeks’ controversial Budget, Charlie Sherriff argues