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Daily Archives: 22nd September 2011


Fuse FM is YOUR Student Radio Station

For the very first time we are broadcasting all year round, that means instead of just four weeks broadcasting each semester we’re going to be on air for the whole semester. Yes, that’s right – the whole semester. Exciting stuff, ‘ey? 

Middlesex University, where Daniella Jade Lewis will be attending after her release from prison.

Prisoner released early to attend freshers’ week

A woman who should have served 18 months for possession with intent to supply has been released to attend her freshers’ week.

“You have left such a huge void. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all who knew you,” read one of the messages left at the scene of the accident. Photo: Jonathan Whiting.

Vigil held for man hit by bus

A candlelight vigil was held for the man killed by a bus whilst chasing a thief.

Edward II by Christopher Marlowe a the Royal exchange

Kiss not my hand

Review: Edward II at the Royal Exchange