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Daily Archives: 22nd March 2017

Photo: Duncan Hull @ Flickr

A defence of irony

Elliott Mills witters on for far too long; omnipresent voice Elliot Mills brings us back to a straightened-out meaning of meaning

Photo: Manchester Enterprise Centre

Venture further winner and runner up encourage students to enter competition

Leopoldo Rodríguez and Unéné Gregory, previous winner and runner-up the Manchester Enterprise Centre’s Venture Further competition speak about their experience of the competition and encourage students to enter

Photo: Tommy Brentnall

Student Spotlight: Off Beat

Ahead of their 1st Birthday Party at Antwerp Mansion, Harrison Kersey finds out what makes Off Beat’s nights stand out

Photo: Gemma Sowerby

Debate surrounding treatment of pro-Palestine activists rages on

Following the publication of an Al Jazeera article questioning whether anti-Israel sentiment is being silenced at universities, student groups speak out

Photo: Miriam Mizzi

Ricotta, pesto and spinach lasange

A vegetarian lasagne that rivals the Italian classic

Photo: Shannon Winterbone

Edinburgh: Seeing the city in three days

With the Easter break coming shortly, Shannon Winterbone takes us on a tour of Edinburgh and points out the sites of a city which is much closer to Manchester than you might think

Photo: album artwork

Tracks of the Week: 27th March

This week brings new releases from both well established and upcoming artists. Despite it being the beginning of spring, across all tracks darkness certainly prevails, writes Amy Matthews