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TOP 10 Films of 2012

A collection of our favourite films of this year

ODEON Cinema Listings

Showing at the Odeon Printworks this week

Ralph Fiennes screams insults in In Bruges

Top 5: Movie insults

Nihal introduces his Top 5 insults from films


ODEON Cinema Listings

A look at what’s showing at the Odeon Printworks this week

Tarantino's upcoming release, Django Unchained

The Revenge of Tarantino

Nihal takes a look at what makes a Tarantino film so brutally entertaining

Festival screening of feature Harold's Going Stiff

Stockport Film Festival returns

Nihal tells us about the successful second outing of the festival

The American landscape and car are key features of On the Road

Review: ‘On The Road’

Nihal takes us through Walter Salles’ adaption of the Kerouac classic

Manchester's vista has changed over time

Manchester in Film

A look, through archive footage, at Manchester in the last century

ODEON Cinema Listings

A look at what’s showing at Odeon this week

BAFTA 2012 Short Film Mwansa the Great

BAFTA 2012 short films

Even in this first ever year of Manchester’s film festival a strong precedent has been set on the standard that the GMFF has to offer….

Actor Daniel Day Lewis in 2007

Is Daniel Day-Lewis the best working actor?

Nihal Tharoor-Menon explores Daniel Day-Lewis’ devotion to his craft

apocalypse now

A Year In Film: 1979

When it came to film, 1979 saw it all – from aliens to union workers, world wars to Star Wars. Figures as diverse as cowboys,…