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Tilly Gambarotto

Photo: The Mancunion

North Campus evacuated due to chemical scare

People are being advised to avoid the area

Photo: @ManchesterSU Twitter page, campaign event November 2017

Students fight for Living Wage at University of Manchester

A student campaign group has set its sights on persuading the University of Manchester to become accredited by the Living Wage Foundation

Image: Pam Brophy @ Geograph

Renters’ union Acorn could help students fight back against ‘rogue landlords’

Acorn, a renters’ union fighting the national housing crisis, launched its new branch in Manchester on Tuesday evening

Emergency services surround the area around Manchester arena. Photo: Barney Weston for The Mancunion

Report shows Manchester Arena attack could have been avoided

An independent report has revealed that the Manchester terror attack in May could have been avoided, but the reviewer urges readers not to ‘despair’

Paul Burns (left) 60km into his run, with 2nd year law student Lennie who later joined him.

Building manager runs for 24 hours for charity

University of Manchester building manager Paul Burns ran for 24 hours non-stop to raise money for Key 103’s Cash for Kids

Photo: ThisParticularGreg @ Wikimedia Commons

How British are you? Take the test

The current application for British citizenship sees prospective citizens studying to answer exam questions that read more like novelty Christmas cracker factoids than a test of cultural understanding

Rupert Rixon (middle) talks to students at Red Academy, photo provided by Perspective Pictures

Interview: Rupert Rixon, founder of Perspective Pictures

Rupert Rixon, founder and CEO of Perspective Pictures, talks to The Mancunion about why students should be focussing on gaining practical work experience and life skills

Photo: Sander van der Wel @Wikimedia Commons

Post-graduation blues need a place on the mental health agenda

Whilst it is encouraging to see more focus on the importance of addressing student mental health, the issue of post-graduate depression is often overlooked

Photo: Sandeepnewstyle @ Wikimedia

Stranger Danger: Uber ban should make us reconsider our technology habits

Safety should come before low cab prices