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Withington to host community litter pick

Students are being encouraged by the civic society to participate in the event

antwerp mansion

City Council defends Antwerp closure

Manchester City Council Planning Department have issued a closure notice

Photo: Kirstie O'Mahony

Students ‘Reclaim the Night’

Students took to the streets to protest violence against women

Photo: Richter Frank-Jurgen @ Flickr

Students call for public event with George Osborne

The General Secretary of the Students’ Union also encouraged Theresa May to stop hiding in hotels

Photo: Pexels@Pixabay

Massive uprooting of campus greenhouses

This summer, the University of Manchester’s botanical research facilities are set to undergo major renovations

Image: UoM BDS Campaign

Student campaigners demand divestment

One protester said she was glad that prospective students touring the University got to see that students are politically aware and holding the University to account

Photo: Gene Hunt @Wikimedia Commons

Students lobby MPs on Fallowfield crime

A draft email being circulated demands Greater Manchester Police do more to counter crime against students

Photo: Simone Fontana @ Flickr

Students criticise May’s higher education proposals

Sweeping review of higher education funding branded a “superficial, and politically motivated retaliation” by students

Photo: Petr Kratochvi @ Public Domain Pictures

Petri dish humans: breakthroughs in lab grown human tissue

Research at the University of Manchester and the University of Edinburgh have made recent breakthroughs which may alter the way we treat kidney failure and female infertility

Photo: Manchester RAG

‘Sleepout’ against homelessness to take place this March

Take action against homelessness and camp out with RAG Manchester

Photo: Elizabeth Rushton

Students to re-assert fossil fuel divestment demands

Three student campaigning groups say “enough is enough”

Photo: Caleb Roenigk @ Flickr

Citizen science project aims to unpick ‘Secrets of Happiness’

University of Manchester clinical psychologist, Dr Sara Tai, has started a new collaborative project to unpick what happiness is