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How to: live on £20 a week

A recent NUS survey revealed what we already know: student loans are insufficient to cover most students’ living costs. Will a self-confessed big spender be able to survive on just £20 a week?

Green Tea

Beauty on a budget

Marie Clare Yates talks beauty essentials found in the kitchen…

Reclaim the night

‘Reclaim the Night’ cost Union £7k

But the figures show “not even half of the picture”, says Tabz O’Brien-Butcher

Screenshot of a Steam sale

Budget tips for student gamers

The Mancunion’s top tips for gaming on a student budget

Smoked salmon trimmings and tinned asparagus sound nowhere near as appealing as their proper counterparts but, once cooked, give the same flavour. Photo: Paul Goyette

Entertaining on a budget: French dinner party

Catering en masse isn’t as expensive as you’d think

Glasgow: Expect the unexpected. Photo: baaker2009 @Flickr

Experience… Glasgow

Glasgow is not what you might expect as Becky Leddy explains

The beautiful coliseum. Photo: Richard Yarwood

Experience… Rome

Olivia Burt whisks you away to Rome for a magical three days

Fresh fruit doesn't have to be expensive Photo:  Pal Alvasker

Healthy eating on a budget

Beth Currall leads you through her guide to healthy eating

Reichstag Building. Photo: Leszek Kozlowski

Experience… Berlin

Becky Leddy takes us away to Berlin to sample bars, beaches and graffiti galore.

"A Budget for growth": Osborne hailed a 5 percent cut in the top rate of tax in last weeks' Budget

Why Osborne was right to drop the 50p tax rate

The Chancellor was right to cut the top rate of tax in last weeks’ controversial Budget, Charlie Sherriff argues

Lunar-tic: forget projections for growth - this country would go mad for a moon base

For a Budget we can all be proud of, build a moon base

Hot on the heels of Newt Gingrich’s latest maverick proposal, Cat Hanson has a novel suggestion for George Osborne’s Budget