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Northern Powerhouse Chatham House Phillip Hammond. Photo: Suzanne Plunkett @Flickr

Chancellor announces extra £400m investment in the ‘Northern Powerhouse’

Chancellor announces an extra £400m for the Northern Powerhouse aims to invigorate the Northern economy and improve infrastructure and transport links

Photo: Manchester Metropolitan University

Mandelson officially takes up MMU Chancellorship

“Lord of Darkness” Peter Mandelson began his term as the official figurehead of the university at the beginning of April this year

Photo: Berrgovuk @Flickr

Mandelson loves Manchester: Reasons not to be cheerful about the new MMU chancellor

Richard Heller—journalist, author, and former Chief of Staff to Denis Healey when he was leader of the Labour Party—on the questionable ‘qualities’ of MMU’s new chancellor, the ‘Prince of Darkness’, Peter Mandelson

Photo: The University of Manchester

Lemn Sissay installed as Chancellor

Lancashire-born poet Lemn Sissay has been officially inaugurated into his position as figurehead of the university