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Photo: Winchell Joshua, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service @Wikimedia

UK wind farm constraint payments ‘scandal’

New information has revealed that in 2017 the National Grid paid wind farms more than £100 million to be switched off and not produce energy, despite preventative measures


What goes up…

Contributor Kathryn Murray investigates the rise, fall and rebirth of John Galliano

While Madonna the brand doesn't look 56, Madonna the human is.

The harder they fall…

Joe Evans discusses the British public’s obsession with the falls, both metaphorical and literal, of celebrities and public figures in their five minutes of fame

Late nights passing bills at parliament are part of the job. Photo: Alberto Garcia @Flickr

How much are our MPs really worth?

The latest ‘cash for influence’ scandal highlights more than just nefarious MPs exploiting their positions, it raises fundamental questions about how we pay our lawmakers


Are you enjoying comfortably?

George explores how far our enjoyment of an filmmakers’ is affected by our knowledge of their less glamorous private lives

American Apparel Advertising Campaign

Exposed: American Apparel

Anna Sopel exposes the truth on high street giant American Apparel

'Savilegate': scandal has rocked the BBC's flagship news programme.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Very difficult for Newsnight editor to come back,’ says Michael Crick

‘Serious prospect of leading figures losing jobs’, says ex-Newsnight political editor

Spot the difference. Screenshots from FIFA 12 and FIFA 13

Deja Vu: Fans angry at EA for releasing identical game

Gamers angry as EA releases carbon copy FIFA 13 on the WIi and PS Vita

Packing a punch: Prescott infamously took Tony Blair's order to "connect with the voters" literally"

My Political Hero: John Prescott

Thomas Turner extols the virtues of our gaffe-prone yet strangely loveable former Deputy Prime Minister

'Do it my way and make more money' (Cartoon: Victor Croci)

Berlusconi: the end of an error

Andrew Williams looks back at a defining era for Italian politics as the curtain falls on Silvio Berlusconi’s premiership