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The Green Party are the future of progressive politics

The Green Party still plays a vital role for experimental, innovative left wing politics

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Manchester Labour Students in disarray

Following the publication of ‘Manchester Labour Students move left’ to unofficial Momentum magazine The Clarion, yet more divisions begin to reveal themselves within MLS

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Can Labour sell ‘21st Century Socialism’?

As Jeremy Corbyn remains triumphant as Labour leader, Barney Weston ponders why socialism is such a dirty word

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Socialism and Space: Why humanity must look to the stars

Andy van den Bent-Kelly attended an intriguing talk about why any further exploration and potential colonisation of Mars must be performed in a socialist manner

Does capitalism work for all? Photo: SPACES gallery @Flickr

Why I love the market, and so should you

Colm Lock defends the market as a means to improve people’s lives the world over

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Will the new generation discredit the Left?

After a few ugly incidents soured the press coverage of anti-Conservative protests, George Bolton argues that the new, young left must not discredit itself as a credible movement

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Interview: Owen Jones

Helen Chapman and Marcus Johns meet up with the incomparabale Owen Jones for a cup of tea and a chat about his new book, Russell Brand and the next general election