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Millennial railcard good but not enough, say students

The “millennial railcard” revealed ahead of the 2017 Autumn Budget and will give 26-30 year olds a one-third discount on rail tickets as of Spring 2018

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Transport workers strike across Manchester

Industrial action has caused rail and bus delays across the North West this week

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‘Hover train’ cuts Manchester to Liverpool journey to seven minutes

New North-West transport plans include ‘MagLev’ or ‘hover trains’ that can cut Manchester to Liverpool train times from an hour to just seven minutes

CrossCountry trains rarely match their adverts Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Žižek, Ideology and the CrossCountry Train Network

The Everyday Analysis Collective apply some of Slavoj Žižek ideology theory to a national rail service

Train (alternative)

National Fail

Privatisation works by opening up services to a free market, which drives down prices and leads to innovation and improvements in customer service. These improvements…