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17th November 2011

Top 5: Bruces

Jess Higham counts down her Top 5 movie Bruces

Everyone has their favourite characters in film and it occurred to me the other week that mine all seem to share the name Bruce. Plus, they are all from great films, so share in my love of Bruce and give these 5 films a watch. I promise you will be converted. And might have to find a friend called Bruce.

1) Bruce Willis

Okay, so technically he is John McClane, amongst other guises, but Willis will always be my number one Bruce. Who else can fight European masterminds/nut-jobs wearing only his vest in the middle of winter? And always with a headache, no matter what film he’s in? Yippee-ky-yay.


2) Bruce Wayne

I’m talking Christian Bale Bruce Wayne here, apologies to the Batman fanatics out there, but he is my personal favourite. He has the sickest car, damn good manners for someone who battles evil at night, and Michael Caine as his butler. If that doesn’t sound heavenly to you, maybe you need to see a doctor.


3) Bruce Bogtrotter

If you don’t remember this kid, dust off your VHS player and watch Matilda. He’s the fat kid with the chocolate cake. Remember him now? He deserves to be on this list for his pure determination about eating that cake – “You can do it Bruce!” The name Bruce was obviously ingrained into my psyche at an early age.


4) Bruce Almighty

He’s got the power. And he got it from Morgan Freeman. He got it from Morgan Freeman as God. Need I say more?


5) Bruce Banner

So, he hasn’t got the best control over his anger. Or the best wardrobe. Or the best skin colour, though I guess it worked for Kermit. Okay, he doesn’t have much going for him, but as far as Bruce’s go he should be here. He could probably give Wayne a run for his money.

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