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22nd November 2011

Album: Turbowolf – Turbowolf

Big release for stunning live band Turbowolf, but can their debut album live upto expectations?



Hassle Records


After several short EP’s and relentless touring, it’s no surprise that Turbowolf are treating their long overdue self titled debut release like the second coming of Jesus. Add to that the hyping of the 11/11/11 release and you would be forgiven for thinking this album is going to be responsible for the end of the world.

Keyboards. That’s the first thing that hit’s you about this album. Left and right massive, monolithic, organesque keyboards smack you in the face. Whilst that might sound a little overbearing, it’s woven skilfully into racing guitars and snarling vocals. There’s also always a feeling throughout that Turbowolf are merely a couple of steps from breaking out into hardcore, something that lies mainly in the pace of most of the songs.

Speaking of specific songs, after a short introduction, ‘Ancient Snake’, which is possibly the best song on the album hits. A real toe stomper, showcasing Chris Georgiadis’ vocals all held together with subtle drumwork. ‘A Rose For The Crows’ is also in with a shout of track of the album. With a crunching intro that makes you sit up and take notice and a chorus which is perhaps the most melodic part of the entire album, the song only gets better with a haunting breakdown with those keyboards again ringing out into the air.

Though there is not a particularly bad song on the album, what is missing is the live energy of the band. There’s little on the album that gives the sense of quite how manic these songs are when played live and that’s a shame. If the energy had been there this would be a great album, as it stands it’s merely a good one. Simply, it doesn’t do them justice.

Tom Geddes

Tom Geddes

Former Music Columnist (2011-2012).

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