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10th October 2012

5 Nights, 5 Outfits

Tilly Miller, Gráinne Morrison, Miles Zilesnick, Elizabeth Harper and Faye Howard give you Manchester’s favourite nights out
Photo: Tilly Miller


The well-trained POUTer will be aware that cleavage, bodycon, sky-high heels, and all the St. Moritz you can possibly buy from Bodycare are a definite must when heading over to Deansgate Locks on a Monday night. Let’s face it, it’s a night to look your absolute best. Or at least make a lot of effort trying to. To fully complete the ‘poutfit’ you’ll need to have a drunken footballer hanging off your arm by the end of the night.

Tilly Miller

Photo: Grainne Morrison

Renowned for their thought provoking, and sometimes controversial, Facebook events, Tuesday’s Gold Teeth is a favourite with hip-hop fans. Held in the Deaf Institute, meaning it’s also a big hit with all you hipsters. The night sells out every week, so they’re obviously doing something right.

Gráinne Morrison

Photo: Miles Zilesnick

On Wednesdays we don’t just wear pink. It’s AU Social time so boys grab something crisp with a collar, beige chinos, plus anything with an Abercrombie tag and you’re set to go. Girls go with the “less is more” approach and a nice shade of orange to help you glow.

Miles Zilesnick

Photo: Elizabeth Harper

Murkage on a Thursday means denim shorts or shirt with grubby converse and sunglasses inside. The coolest kids will wear a beanie too whilst getting low to the dub and ‘bleak grime’ (their description not ours). The small and sweaty space at South means heels and any sort of glamorous attire are a no no.

Elizabeth Harper

Photo: Faye Howard

It’s Friday night and the feeling’s right, for none other than the sticky-floored, fancy dress-crazed BOP. That’s right people, brace yourself for an overdose of green monsters, ’90s pop and the obligatory hot dog to end the night. With a different theme every week, this night hums of Luvyababes’ finest attire (See ‘Geek’ theme inset. Available in stores). Top tip: Add a cheeky prop such as a whip or a sombrero to get heads turning.

Faye Howard

Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper

Fashion Editor

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