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Gymwear 101

Gym wear is notoriously difficult to get right. Of course you could be the bog standard average joe in a pair of loose fitting cotton shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of trainers you’ve had since you were in high school, but you don’t really want this do you? You want to stand out, you want everyone present during your work-out to look at you twice or maybe even thrice and think, “who is THAT?” When you get on the treadmill you want the people running around you to remain, and when you get home, you want to open your gym bag and see no fewer than seven sheets of paper with phone numbers on them.

In order to achieve similar levels of success, a delicate balance between fashion, practicality and modernity needs to be struck. Below are the five things you need to keep in mind when you’re dressing for the gym.

1) Do not go Commando. Especially when running on the treadmill or doing anything that involves a mat.

2) If you’ve got the guns, don’t be afraid to show them off with a sleeveless tee but remember to give your armpits a trim first.

3) Go easy on the techie gear. Yes, we all know about their sweat-wicking and heat-providing properties, but a man dressed completely in under-armour borders on the obscene. Mix it up with more conventional work-out clothes like cotton t-shirts or even dri-fit t-shirts if you dislike the way cotton tends to hold on to sweat and moisture. Alternatively you can wear tees over your base layers. It is important to note that base layers and under armour are notorious for displaying all that there is to be seen. If there is anything you’d rather hide then avoid them like you would the bubonic plague!

4) It is all about the fit. While tight t-shirts might work for you in a night club they should never be brought to the gym. Not only do they constrict movement, they also have the added benefit of making you look like a douche. Shorts should be above the knee, and baggy sweats should be left at home. Extra fabric never hides it only ever amplifies and in the gym baggy sweats often catch on bits of machinery. These sports trousers from H&M should do nicely.


Photo: H&M

Photo: H&M

5) Gym shoes are the least-governed article of clothing that one wears in the gym. As long as they are in reasonable condition, they are perfectly acceptable. So why not use this opportunity to be really expressive and dandy? How about these bright yellow running shoes from Nike?


Photo: Nike

Photo: Nike

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