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Loving and Loathing Spring 2013

Loving- Jewel Colours

After what feels like an extremely long winter, I’m happy to be putting my coats/fur/boots away in preparation for spring. Bright colours recently dominated the catwalks at Fashion Week, with designers such as Burberry and Gucci really embracing the trend. Nothing encapsulates Spring 2013 better than jewel colours; think along the lines of azure blue, bright pinks and turquoise and you’re on the right track to a brighter spring wardrobe.

Loathing- Leather

After losing count of the amount of wet-look leggings I’ve encountered on nights out in the last couple of years, I can safely say I’m tired of leather. Clearly the likes of Derek Lam and Proenza Shouler disagree on this matter, as luxe-leather was a prominent trend in their collections. However, there is nothing worse than having an item of clothing cling to your skin in the approaching warm weather. Dump the grunge and embrace the sheer, floaty materials that are beginning to infiltrate the high street this spring.

Tags: Burberry, Chloe Letcher, Derek Lam, Gucci, Proenza Schouler, Vogue

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