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18th November 2013

Top 5: Cereal Scenes

The Film Editors countdown their favourite scenes which snap, crackle and pop

5. Matilda (1996)

Picture the scene, you’re a child-prodigy aching to unleash your talent to the world, but instead are stuck in a house under strick orders from your crook of a father. Bidding adieu to her sorrows, Matilda sits down to a bowl of the aptly-named cheerios and staring intently at her spoon discovers her ability to control the world with her mind.

4. Toy Story (1995)

More cereal of the ‘O’ variety but this time the  multi-coloured kind. At the depths of his despair, Woody plunges his singed forehead into a bowl of days-old cereal found in the depths of Sid’s bedroom. Will he ever see the light of day again? Who knows, but at least he won’t starve to death.

3. Hurt Locker (2008)

Jeremy Renner’s William James feels the weight of suburbia bearing down on him, as he returns from bomb disposal in Iraq only to be met by an infantry of cereal in his grocery store. It is unclear which cereal he eventually picks – maybe Honey Troops.

2.  Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003)

Probably the most violent use of cereal on the list, Vernita Green hides a gun in a box of the American cereal Kaboom, hoping to use it against The Bride. It doesn’t pay off and The Bride gets the upper hand, throwing a knife straight into her chest. Which is useless really; you eat cereal with a spoon.

1. The Road to Wellville (1994)

So none of us have actually since this movie, but apparently in 1994 someone decided to make a biopic of Kellogg’s, casting Anthony Hopkins as the cereal maker. The film didn’t receive a-maize-ing reviews and its box office performance was equally flakey. But it is basically Cornflakes: The Movie, so its our number one.


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