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Bend it like the Beckham’s

They’ve created national joy and celebration throughout their engagement, wedding, pregnancy and birth. She’s a brunette beauty living the perfect rags-to-riches fairytale, whilst he’s represented his country in the toughest of battles. That’s right, the Beckham’s could not be more British! We can’t help but feel a sense of bona fide pride when we see their faces in the flashing lights of foreign paparazzi. Although their fashion history is questionable, including matching leather outfits, cowboy hats and mohawk haircuts, this couple are true trendsetters, consistently satisfying the prying and style savvy eyes of the British public.


Press and fans the world over religiously fall at their perfectly pedicured feet. David repeatedly appears in GQ’s best dressed list, looking smooth in both tailored suits and casual jeans. However, Victoria’s decision to abandon her crop-tops and braids could be brand Beckham’s greatest achievement yet. After her stint as a British ambassador for Dolce and Gabbana, her explosion into the fashion industry has seen classic silhouettes with sharp modern twists appear in her confident, yet simple collections. Furthermore, as if she needed a seal of approval, her well matured and developed eye for design was officially recognised by winning ‘Designer Brand of the Year’ at the British Fashion Awards in 2011.


However, the couple’s family commitments have grown in recent years, slowing Beckham Ventures. These commitments include conceiving and birthing four children, moving to LA and back again, and tackling Rebecca Loos. ‘Posh’ must be somewhat disappointed that her fashion label has only managed to win critical acclaim from Vogue Magazine and reportedly generate an annual turnover of £60 million. Similarly, after David’s retirement from his 6 year captaincy for the English football team, he has only collaborated with one of Europe’s largest high street chains to design and launch an underwear line. Some would say the pair are slacking.


Still, it’s fair to say our nation regards the couple as a true asset. They bring superstar quality to the average British couple, simultaneously juxtaposing both genius and humble qualities. However, it can be argued that throughout their journey to international fashionista recognition their British eccentricity has somewhat been lost. Victoria has sold her soul to societal conformity in the form of conservative dresses and forced pouts, while ‘Golden Balls’ has sported relatively mundane hairstyles for sometime now. Is their fashion success sincere or do they pine for the 90s? Perhaps the couple will do a one-eighty and bring back the matching leather!

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