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Secret Supper Club

Secret Supper Club

Mexico Monday

A what? A secret supper club is essentially having dinner with people you don’t know, in a secret location, eating food from a mystery menu. But don’t worry, it was far removed from a horror-film experience.



There are several supper clubs spread around Manchester and spread around the country. The one I went to was “Wendy’s House Supper Club”. I found this particular one through the utilisation of tools such as Google and Twitter, just search for “Manchester Supper Club”.

Wendy’s House is a vegetarian supper club, run by a lovely chef called Wendy (funnily enough), in a secret location in Manchester. The event I went to was titled “Mexico Monday” and for £25, you are served top quality, chef-cooked Mexican food, along with an experience which you won’t soon forget.


 Upon arrival I was treated to a tequila based cocktail named Paloma, which was dangerously drinkable. The dinner began promptly as soon as all the guests had arrived, with 5 home-made courses being served in total. Beginning with tortillas and dips, it quickly evolved into black-bean soup, with hints of chilli (delicious). The main course was a serve-it-yourself feast, consisting of several delectable dishes. The pudding was served up soon after, which was mango cooked in tequila and chilli, served with ice cream and a sauce from the heart of Mexico. It was all topped off with a hot chocolate, which guaranteed satisfied stomachs all around.


Yes, a big part of the experience is dining with other people who you have never met. It may sound worrisome, but I found it to be a great way to meet a lot of people who you normally would never come across. For a student, it was a brilliant way to escape the “student bubble” for a little bit. The great bit is that you probably won’t meet the same people twice, so it will be a different experience each time. Have faith and your stomach will thank you soon enough!

Chef Wendy's Super Club

Chef Wendy’s Supper Club

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