6th September 2014

Review: Dogs ‘n’ Dough

Food & Drink editor Ellie Gibbs checks out American style restaurant, Dogs ‘n’ Dough.

As promised, this hidden gem just off Albert Square offers just about every combination of pizza and hot dog a person could dream of.

This variation doesn’t stop at savoury; the highlight of our visit being perhaps the infamous “Dessert Pizza”. Not for the faint hearted, only a brave sweet-toothed human hoover would be able to order this to themselves.

It is not just a dessert, it’s a challenge of one’s digestive stamina and mental perseverance. It’s a test of personality, capacity, and one’s emotional and physical strength.

It’s also delicious.

Imagine the softest, freshest, perfectly chewy floury dough, smothered with a generous spoonful of Nutella and topped with 3 of your favourite childhood pick ‘n’ mix treats from honeycomb to Maltesers. Is your mouth watering yet?

Go there. Go there and order it now. Dessert food is best enjoyed when you’re really craving it. But be warned. You may think you have what it takes for the sacred Dessert Pizza, but I’ve been there. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. I know what it can do to a person.

These matters aside, if you’re feeling slightly less dramatic, you could always share this pizza between 3, 4, 5, or maybe even 6. This pizza is an experience that should be had by all students in Manchester, and Dogs ‘n’ Dough is one of the only places that offers it.

Moving on from the convention overthrow of ‘Dessert Pizza’, D&D also serve some seriously tasty-looking savoury innovations, including ‘The Taco’ (nachos with all the trimmings, on a pizza) and ‘Italian Stallion’—a fresh hot dog topped with roasted peppers and wrapped in salami and mozzarella.

The theme of the underground restaurant/bar is a kind of upmarket American diner with swanky booths and dim lighting. The green interior is also reminiscent of an Irish bar which ties in nicely with the extensive cocktail and liquor menu.

But again beware, these bevvies are strong. Not your run of the mill, 2-for-1 “cocktails” that are really just three types of juice and a few shots of vodka, these are the real deal. I’m possibly still drunk.

We started, as recommended, with the two most popular: “Ron Burgundy” and “Lipstick Jungle”. Ron was a sweet, oaky & bold fellow spiked with smoky Laphroaig who my whisky-loving companion took a liking to. I was left to flirt with the strawberry-licious Lipstick Jungle who was really sweet, but a bit easy—I could see why she was a popular choice.

Still talking about cocktails. Voodoo was a hawaii-inspired pineapple-coconut-lime concoction which we coupled with Big Blind, a rather heavy milk and butterscotch mix that was for me a little overwhelming after the chocolate pizza. I think we’d chosen too many sweet options as the drinks became less enticing—another sugary one and it would have gotten sickly. However, as cocktails alone or with a meal I imagine the balance would be fine.

As we were craving something savoury, we fiendishly asked to go off-menu and get a Bloody Mary made to order. This was done with pleasure and we shared a deliciously spicy meal-in-a-glass B.M. topped with a cocktail stick kebab of cherry tomato, pickle and olive. Finally we risked the “Double Deuce”: Rum, citrus, orange and budweiser, proving my theory that alcohol on alcohol cancels out the taste. Cheeky vimto, am I right?

The staff were attentive, friendly and eager to engage in lighthearted conversation. Dessert pizza was the clear standout and I’d definitely visit again to partake in the savoury delights of Dogs ‘n’ Dough!

Dogs ‘n’ Dough,
Bow Lane,
M2 4JW


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