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20th October 2014

Halloween tutorial: seriously scary skull

It’s time to ditch the ‘sexy kitten’; this year Halloween is about looking scary with this simple skull make up tutorial

To achieve this nightmarish (in the most fashionable sense of the word) look you’ll need the following:

– White and black face-paint

– Black eye-liner

– Black eye-shadow

– Make up sponges

– Fluffy eye-shadow brush

– Setting spray

Send photos of your (hopefully successful) attempts at the skull face to our Twitter at @mancunionfash or tag us on Instagram at @mancunionfashionandbeauty

Photo: Ellie Howe

Step 1:

Apply white face paint all over the face using a makeup sponge (both sold in Afflecks Palace). Draw two black blobs over the eyes using black eyeliner and eye shadow—think morning panda eyes. You can also add black eyeliner into the waterline for a more dramatic effect. Use the eyeliner to draw around the end of the nose, covering the nostrils, and create two points leading up towards the eyes (make sure your eyeliner is sharp enough). Fill this in using eye shadow. Using the eyeliner, draw a thin line leading from both corners of the mouth, keeping it in line with the hollow between the lips.


Photo: Ellie Howe

Step 2:

Draw a series of perpendicular lines over the mouth line to replicate teeth until you reach the middle of the jawline (there should be about fourteen lines in total). Draw in the jaw bone using eyeliner; start by tracing around the jaw up to the ear, then sketch the jaw bones, replicating the shapes seen in the accompanying photo. Fill in the gaps between the bone shapes, to create the illusion of a hollow. Make sure that the line from the mouth falls in the middle of the cheek-hollow.


Photo: Ellie Howe

Step 3:

To create the illusion of teeth, use the eyeliner to draw a triangular cap over the ‘teeth’ lines, and fill in the gaps between these triangles on the back three ‘teeth’. Use a fluffy eye shadow brush to blend out these lines, creating the illusion of more depth. Use black eye shadow to fill-in the top jaw bone, roughly applying it to the central gaps and blending out using the same fluffy brush. Follow this above the jaw bone, leading up to the temple. Fill in the temple using the same technique.


Photo: Ellie Howe

Step 4:

To create contours around the eyes, draw two semi-circular lines around the start of the eyebrow, coming from the eye hollows. Draw similar lines directly underneath the eye hollows (think 9am eye bags) and around the bottom of the hollow, over the cheek bone. Draw another, less precise line either side of the nose, roughly joining the under eye lines, and blend them out, creating a contouring effect around either side of the nose. Set the entire look with a setting spray to finish and voilà! You are now a seriously scary skull.

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