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21st October 2015

High Street Hallowe’en

Phoebe Nickalls gives us the low-down on all of the treats that the high-street can offer us this Hallowe’en

We love Hallowe’en. It’s one of the only times of the year that we can dress up as pretty much anything we want. Add some fake blood and voila! You have a pretty cool Hallowe’en costume! For the less creative amongst you, we have scoured the high street up and down searching for the best Hallowe’en-inspired items. Most of them you can even wear when it’s not October 31st…we won’t tell!


Our first selection of picks is from our old favourite, ASOS. These cobweb leggings (£18) are a great start for any Hallowe’en costume. Add some fancy makeup and you’re done. It’s scarily simple. If you’re going somewhere smarter, this cat dress (£25) will be sure to impress, and if you feel like incorporating the holiday spirit into your everyday wardrobe, these ballet slippers (£25) will add a hint of fun wherever you go! For the men amongst us, the skeleton onesie (£28) makes for a hassle-free and stylish costume; you can even wear it around the house when it starts to get cold! The Mancunion Fashion and Beauty: helping students save money on their heating. You’re welcome.

Photo: Asos


If Topshop is your go-to, then why not take your pick from their spooky selection this Hallowe’en. This skeleton dress (£28) can be dressed up or down and would suit most Hallowe’en parties. If you are looking for the perfect accessory to finish off your costume, why not go for this spider choker (£5) to complete your look. Or, if you’re not going out but still want to embrace the day, these cute bat socks (£3) are an easy way to add some Hallowe’en spookiness to your everyday wardrobe. And lastly, no Hallowe’en night out would be complete without several people dressed as cats! These sparkly cat ears (£7.50) will do perfectly…

Photo: Topshop


We were really impressed with Boohoo’s Hallowe’en selection this year. For a full fancy-dress outfit, look no further than their Zombie Cheerleader Dress (£25): an affordable way to go all out! We also love the Trick or Treat Midi Dress (£15) for an understated Hallowe’en look. If you loved the leggings from our ASOS selection, why not pair them with this Skeleton Crop Top (£12). It even glows in the dark! And lastly, for the guys who want to go out for Hallowe’en, but don’t want to completely dress up, this Skull Top (£8) is a wearable way to smash the look!

Photo: Boohoo

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