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22nd October 2015

Top 5: Alternative Mens Hallowe’en costumes

Millie Kershaw suggests some original costume ideas for this upcoming Hallowe’en

The end of October has crept up on us again and the time is ticking for you to knock up a vague excuse for a Hallowe’en costume. Maybe you want to break the mould this year and swim against the relentless current of ripped t-shirts and half-hearted zombie makeup. Maybe you don’t fancy blowing your loan on an ensemble you’re probably only going to wear once. Here are some original options for this Hallowe’en that won’t leave your bank balance screaming in fright…


For the suit-wearers

Shia LeBoeuf

If you want to get one more wear out of your dinner jacket and bowtie this year than just your graduation ball this summer, try this slightly creepy look that epitomises the ‘minimum effort, maximum effect’ idea. This unforgettable LeBoeuf episode took place at the Berlin Film Festival last year, and is promising to be a thoroughly timeless look.

You will need: A suit, a paper bag, a marker pen


Photo: nathaninsandiego@Flickr

For the DIY-ers

The Shining

A bit of forward planning and a spare cardboard box or two will help you recreate this classic movie moment. Cut a head-shaped hole in the middle of the cardboard, and some holes to loop the string through so that you can wear it like a mask. To finish, draw on some authentic wood-like markings and of course that famous quote: “Here’s… Johnny!”

You will need: Some cardboard, scissors, string, a marker pen, an axe (optional)


Photo: MyModernMet

For the sportsmen

Banksy’s Flower Chucker

Fancy dress doesn’t have to be fancy, no need to change out of your sports kit for this one. Don some black trackies, a hoodie, a cap and wrap a scarf around your face. Source some real or fake flowers and even apply some white face paint to exposed skin for a finishing touch. Strike the pose and you’ll be easily recognisable and highly commended for your artistic flair.

You will need: A black tracksuit, hat, scarf, a bunch of flowers, white makeup (optional)


Photo: courtarro@Flickr

For the facial hair-cultivators

Alan and Baby Carlos

If you’re going for the comedy value at Hallowe’en, this is sure to be a winning look. Source the toy baby and carrier from a younger sibling or the toy section of a pound shop and you’re good to go. A fake beard can be purchased at the wearer’s discretion.

You will need: A toy baby with a baby carrier, two pairs of sunglasses, a fake beard (if applicable)


For the group costume lovers

The Zombie England Rugby Team

Can’t face not doing a collaborative fancy dress with your mates this year? Here’s one option that thankfully isn’t The Smurfs. A slightly more current variation on the zombie theme, dust off your England rugby shirts that you’ve probably stashed away in disgrace and go as the walking dead England rugby team. All in all quite a plausible costume idea, as Robshaw et al. have all probably died of shame…

You will need: Friends, an England rugby shirt, shorts, socks, face paint

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