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8th March 2016

My Style Diary

Sarah Kilcourse gives us a peak at her wardrobe as we follow her style for five days

University is an environment where there are no rules or limitations about what you wear. We have the opportunity to be as creative or as lazy as we like on a daily basis, so here is a run down of my outfits for the week.


As an English Literature student, I only have nine contact hours a week (I can hear you groaning). Annoyingly, this year, six of those are consecutive on a Monday, 12pm – 6pm, making Monday the day that I put the most effort into what I wear, because I see the most people—how shallow, I know! This week I went for a polo neck jumper and some patterned trousers, warm and comfortable for cold lecture theatres.

Photo: The Mancunion


My Tuesday starts at 10am and although it’s not horrifically early, it does impact upon how much effort I can be bothered to put in. So, jeans and a jumper it is, keeping it casual. However, I was going to see my boyfriend in the evening, so I didn’t want to be too scruffy.

Photo: The Mancunion


Luckily I have a nice mid-week break on Wednesday, which I spent with my boyfriend visiting some art galleries, meaning I actually made an effort to look nice. I even brought out the lipstick!

Photo: The Mancunion


I had a full library day planned, so it was pure comfort, a big loose t-shirt dress, with an even bigger jumper and my comfiest shoes. I find the library can be impossibly cold, so my scarf also doubled up as a blanket.

Photo: The Mancunion


The majority of my clothes were in the wash and I was absolutely freezing, so a big pink jumper finished off my week. In the evening I went to see Husbands and Sons at the Royal Exchange (which I thoroughly recommend), so I changed into a black jumpsuit/culottes creation.

Photo: The Mancunion

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