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How to: Optimise men’s grooming

Men’s grooming has grown increasingly popular ever since the rise of social media super apps like Snapchat and Instagram. So what is men’s Grooming and how can one optimize their grooming regime?

In the narcissistic world of the 21st Century men’s grooming has become all the rage. The best grooming regimes are those that are simple. Grooming is easy and can be followed in five tiers.

Tier 1.

It is about keeping things clean with your skincare. Start by making sure you are washing your face with a suitable facewash depending on your skin type and concern. So those who want to banish acne, use an anti-blemish face wash or if you have an oily t-zone, use a foaming facewash to get into your pores.

Tier 2.

Is all about grooming your facial hair. For instance, if you have a beard ensure that it is even and trimmed. Using either an electric razor or men’s shaver depending on your personal preference. Be sure to clean up loose hairs on the face. If this is too complicated, then take an inexpensive trip to the barbers.

Tier 3.

It’s all about your hair. Ensure washing your hair with a suitable shampoo and conditioner and combing your hair after your shower. If you have a hairstyle that involves you using a wax or product, ensure it is the right one. Try and invest in  hair gel or clay as the cheaper products contain a plethora of ingredients and chemicals that are not suitable for your hair — some may even cause damage. Respectable brands that I would definitely recommend are Wella System Professional Products, Sebastian Hair Care and of course AVEDA men’s grooming products.

Tier 4.

Maintain a neat appearance of extremities such as the hands and feet. Ensure nails are cut to a desirable length for some, this step may be unnecessary to some, however as an advocate of Men’s grooming, this step is crucial.

Tier 5.

Scent. Being well groomed is not only about maintaining a clean beard or ensuring that your hair is washed but your overall cleanliness can go a very long way indeed! Especially when it comes to your scent. Be sure to find a scent that is you, with a wide array of fragrances out there, find the perfect match and always spray yourself on the upper part of your neck and your wrists to ensure the scent lasts for longer. All in all, if you manage to follow these simple tiers you will be able to be the well-groomed gentleman you have always desired to be.

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