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Top 5: Studio Ghibli Films

5. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Turning thirteen for this witch is not just a celebration of becoming a teenager. Kiki must leave home like all young witches and embrace another city with her special talent for a year to begin her training. With her trusty sidekick, a talking cat Jiji, she travels to a delightful seaside town where the owner of a bakery allows her to stay in the annex. In return, Kiki uses her broom to deliver the baked goods and other items around the city. In a world where humans and witches interact happily, this film is a simple coming of age story where through trails and tribulations Kiki will find herself.

4. My Neighbour Totoro

Even if you haven’t seen this classic animation you will surely recognise its cuddly character Totoro. This story takes us through the lives of two young girls and their father as they move to an old enchanted house to live closer to their ill mother living in a hospital not far away. At the end of their house is a forest where the two sisters venture into and find these incredible creatures who will take them on spectaculor journeys and thrilling adventures, becoming the fascinating group of friends, you will all want to be a part of. Let this film enlighten your imagination.

3. Ponyo

The captivating story where the land and sea meet in a tale of love and adventure. A little boy, Sôsuke, lives a peaceful life with his mother by the seaside. One day he finds a goldfish trapped in a bottle and saves her, but he will soon find out that this goldfish, named Ponyo, is not your typical household goldfish. Ponyo is the daughter of wizard and sea goddess, she uses her parents magic to slowly transform herself into a little girl. This change in the magical world leads to an imbalance in nature and now the world is in trouble. Ponyo and Sôsuke take on the challenge to save the world.

2. Howl’s Moving Castle

A young hat-maker, Sophie, finds herself slowly falling in love with a handsome magician, Howl. Until the wicked witch of the west curses her, turning her charming looks into a wrinkled old woman, but Howl sees through the exterior and becomes infatuated with inner beauty. Unable to work she flees to the hill’s where she finds Howl’s extravagant moving castle. Inside she befriends a fire demon, Calcifer, whom she becomes extremely close to and together they plan to save themselves from their troubles, but in the mean time break the self-indulgent Howl to faces his problems also.

1. Spirited Away

This wonderful animation tells the story of a young girl, Chihiro, moving to a new town with her family, but all is not what its seems. Within minutes we are thrown into the mysterious world of magical witches, eight-legged boiler men and humans turning into pigs. The film is set in a bath house where incredible creatures and talking animals travel to for a relaxing wash. We follow Chihiro and her new enchanting friends, including her trusty confidant Haku a beautiful ice blue dragon, as she struggles to save her parents from the evil bath house owner Yubaba.

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