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Personal style

In my eyes, having your own personal style is of paramount importance. In a sense I would say I am massively into fashion and style, perhaps not in the high fashion sense, but I really love looking for new styles and trying out new things. If I had to sum up my style in three words it would be mad, pink, rainbows.

There are most definitely recurring themes throughout my wardrobe. I am almost always wearing Doc Martens, and more often than not I’m also in leggings (Black Milk and American Apparel are my favourite). I love love love pink, bright patterns, and characters such as Mulan, Hello Kitty, Miffy, and My Little Pony. I’m not so good at dressing smart or looking sophisticated, and in my eyes nothing beats high waisted leggings and a crop top on a night out.

I would say that a lot of my inspiration comes from Japanese fashion, particularly the streets of Harajuku. There are a lot of different denominations of J-fashion and I wouldn’t say I subscribe particularly to one; but rather I enjoy forming new ideas from exploring a variety of them. Growing up in Brighton has also had a large influence in shaping the way I look. With so many people expressing themselves through their appearance and countless individual shops, it’s so easy to be influenced by all the cool characters around you.

Alongside clothing, I believe hair and makeup are just as important within personal style. I have never focused particularly on accessories, and despite having twelve piercings I tend to always keep the same jewellery in them, so not very exciting. Like the rest of my clothes, my hair and makeup are tainted with glitter and rainbows. My hair is currently pink with streaks of blue, lilac, lavender, and green in it. I frequently change up the colour, but some sort of pink is always involved. I’m super into make up as well, hence why I write for the fashion and beauty section, and I love experimenting with lots of highlighter, different lip colours and fitting as many shades of eyeshadow onto my eyelids at any one time (my record is eighteen, in case you were wondering).

Even when I am working out or in my pyjamas, my look is consistent. My pjs are usually pink with Hello Kitty or Miffy on them, and my gym clothes tend to be made up of patterned leggings and bright pink tops, feeling good within yourself and your clothing is important whether you’re working out, napping, or doing a food shop, so I always leave the house in an outfit I’m happy with.

I do get a lot of stick from strangers because of my appearance, laughing, pointing, staring, making comments and on one occasion a man at the bus stop gave a small scream when I turned round and he saw my green lipstick. But the positivity that stems from my wardrobe, make up collection, and the compliments on the street makes me so happy, so who cares what anyone else thinks?

I truly believe that surrounding myself with cute characters, bright colours and a load of pink makes me so much happier and brightens my day, and is enjoyed by those around me.



photo: the mancunion

Photo: The Mancunion

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