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20th March 2017

Lighter spring coats

As spring begins to rear its sunny head, it’s time to ditch the fur and opt for a lighter option

Spring is approaching, which (rationally) would suggest that the weather might actually begin to warm up. Whether this optimistic vision for the future will actually become a reality or not in Manchester, only time will tell. For now, let’s embrace the occasional slightly brighter days and consider the fashion changes that can be made to accommodate a warmer climate.

Lightweight macs:

Trench coats or macs are a great way to avoid overheating on warmer days whilst still looking professional and put-together. While thicker, waterproof versions will be useful in light showers, the crepe alternatives are perfect for days with blue skies, especially if you live in a crowded city and don’t want to get too sweaty while walking around. They can be paired with trainers or heels, looking polished and elegant either way. Another use for this style of coat is for job interviews — they don’t look overly fancy or distracting but are more tasteful than turning up in a puffer.

My two picks are:

Belted Trench by Rare at Topshop, £55

Photo: Topshop

ASOS Crepe Duster Mac, £65

Photo: ASOS

Denim jackets:

A classic staple which most people will already own, the denim jacket is perfect for layering over absolutely anything. From floral dresses to trousers and a top, they’re completely androgynous and can be worn during the day and out to pubs or clubs at night. Just avoid wearing them in the rain and all will be fine.
I’d suggest wandering round vintage and charity shops as the first port of call for a denim jacket, although some ‘vintage’ shops are extremely overpriced when it comes to such things. ASOS Marketplace is another great place to check, and failing that Urban Outfitters usually has a good selection (although you’d best be willing to take out a small mortgage). With denim jackets it’s best to shop around a bit, and make sure to always try them on if possible to avoid buying one too oversized or too small — especially as vintage sizes differ so much from modern day ones.

Here’s a example of a good quality, vintage denim jacket from ASOS Marketplace — at £35 it’s not exactly cheap, but is around the standard price. Plus, denim jackets are so timeless that they’ll last in your wardrobe for a lifetime.

Photo: ASOS Marketplace

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