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placement Riddi Viswanathan, Diversity Officer. Photo: Manchester Students' Union

Language badges introduced to welcome international students

Manchester Students’ Union’s Diversity Officer, Riddi Viswanathan has introduced the “I Speak Other Languages Too” badge in an attempt to “make the University more welcoming for international students, especially for students facing language barriers.”

The badge is to be worn by staff and students ASK ME ambassadors who speak a language other than English. They have been available since the start of the 2017 autumn term.

“As well as addressing language barriers, these badges also to help students and staff break the ice,” Ms Viswanathan said. Feedback has been positive so far; one University staff member said: “I’m sure lots of international students will really appreciate this!”

She added: “I am super glad that students from different countries are feeling warm and welcomed already. Even home students are asking them if they could teach them their language and I couldn’t be happier to see these students gel so well.”

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