30th November 2017

Review: Solita Christmas burger

Solitas release their famous Christmas Burger, which has rolled all of the best things about Christmas Dinner and then deep fried it and then stuck it between two buns. What more could you want this festive season?

Solita is an American/Mancunian grill-style restaurant, has four unique branches spread around in Manchester from Northern Quarter, Didsbury, Prestwich and even Preston. Each Venue bringing their own unique twist and style. They have a love all things Manc.

Solitas now have a special place in my heart — and in my stomach. After months of following their hilarious twitter account, where they have competitions to send in a photo of the ‘worst piece of clothing they own’ and the ‘worst fridge’. Solitas have developed the perfect northern sarcastic but cool personality. Their food is nothing short of amazing too with steaks that would blow your mind, and burgers like the ‘Big Manc’ (seriously that’s what it’s called) that are stacked so high that even Scooby-Doo would be proud of.

Their Christmas burger has just been announced, and my god does it sound amazing. The burger which is on a sweet brioche bun consists of 3 types of meat, Roast Gammon, house smoked turkey, and also a beef patty as well. All of this wouldn’t be complete without some deep fried Brussel sprouts and gooey melted cheese.

And even more, than this, it’s held together with a sticky sweet cranberry sauce as well as a subtle turkey gravy. In this case, the cherry on top comes in the form of a candied pig in blanket. However, I have saved the best until last, the gem and the heart of this burger,  in that within this concoction of Christmassy greasy goodness, lies within a homemade festive bake.

If you can forget about how many calories that might exist within such a monstrosity then the burger also comes with a side of chips if you can stomach that as well.

But for all you veggies out there, you need not fret. There is an equally just as dirty burger for you. A chestnut and bean burger patty, fried halloumi, a deep fried stuffing patty, cranberry and port sauce, deep fried sprouts, and cheddar cheese on a brioche bun. Which I honestly think sounds just as good.

Now, another exciting thing they are bringing out for this special time of year is their Christmas drinks menu. I went for their ‘Winter Spice’ cocktail to wash down the beast of a Christmas burger. A simple twist on a fresh-faced classic, an Aperol Spritz combined with a dash of cinnamon.

Whilst you could taste the difference and it was clever from taking the classic summer drink into the next season, however, felt slightly unimaginative with its presentation. But still tasted great so I cannot really complain about it.

All in all, Solitas have really outdone themselves this year. Their Crimbo Burger, Veggie or otherwise have incorporated all the best things about Christmas Dinner and rolled it into one.



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