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1st February 2018

Very Berry Eyes

Ginah Shergill talks you through the new wearable trend of berry-toned eyes and how to incorporate the look into your everyday makeup routine
Very Berry Eyes

Finding new ways to brighten up and change a look is always exciting, and with the current trend of pink and red hues being introduced to the world of eye makeup, it is easier than ever to go bold or make a simple change!

Red and pink eyeshadow looks aren’t just exclusive to the world of catwalks and avant-garde makeup looks. They can now be introduced into your makeup routine, and are a lot more wearable than you think. So don’t shy away from the world of berry tones and bright pinks, and try out some bold new looks or subtly change a more classic look.

This can be done by, firstly, matching the right shade of pink or red to your skin tone. There is such a wide range of shades in this colour group that there is sure to be more than one that suits you. A rough guide is if you have a fairer skin tone you should use pink tones and brighter reds such as MAC’s ‘red brick’ (£13.50). Medium skin tones should use orange toned reds like NYX’s hot single in ‘heat’ (£3.50) and darker skin tones should opt for brown toned reds and deeper pinks,  for example, Anastasia Beverly Hill’s eyeshadow single in ‘red earth’ (£12).

If you’re just testing the waters, brands like NYX offer their Hot Singles for only £3.50. But if you’re looking to experiment, there are a range of red- pink palettes available, such as Makeup Revolutions ‘reloaded newtrals 2’ (£4) where there is a mix of matte and metallic pinks and reds to suit all skin tones. On the higher end side, Huda Beauty’s ‘warm brown obsessions’ palette (£25) is the perfect palette to achieve a berry toned look. The palette is a mix of brown and red tones, with some glittery metallic options too, so you can create a more neutral eyeshadow look too.

You can incorporate these colours into a classic routine by swapping out a smokey eye and putting a dark red in the crease and blending out with a lighter red. If you fancy a bolder look then use a range of different red and pink tones and pair the look with a nude lip to balance it out.

With the berry trend’s  popularity skyrocketing, there are now so many palettes and shade ranges of pinks and reds available on the high-street to choose from, so don’t be afraid to rock a different colour in a way that suits you- subtle or bold!

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