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Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday

//Breaking: Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday More

Getting to know Fallow Garms, the force transforming student fashion

It is of no debate that Manchester students have a definite sense of style. Your typical Fallowfield get-up is more likely to be made up of vintage styling and smaller independent labels than your average high-street brands, opting for clothes with greater character and individuality. Yet when shopping for these more one-off pieces, it seems many are disillusioned by online selling platforms such as eBay and Depop, and vintage shops such as those in the Northern Quarter can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack for anything of taste. Therefore, how Fallow Garms wholly understands its audience (being run by students for students) has given it a unique place in the market and driven its success. Fallow Garms is an event where individuals and small brands hire rails to sell their products to students amongst a buzzing atmosphere of DJs and food. With a forthcoming Fallow Garms event taking place on Saturday 22nd, I had a quick chat with the brains behind the event Alex Singhal to learn more about the event that has swiftly become one of the firm favourites of the Fallowfield calendar.

What inspired you to start Fallow Garms?

“The idea came after a night out in Leeds where a friend and I came across some students selling their clothes on rails outside a coffee shop. We haggled with them and eventually bought some clothes which when we got back to Manchester gave us the starting point for Fallow Garms. Fallow Garms is a clothing event like no other, allowing students the opportunity to sell their own clothes in a great setting taking only a small percentage. The event has live DJs, food and drink giving the clothing event a unique vibe. We have now grown to be a platform that allows an array of independent clothing brands to promote and sell their wears as well. Since starting in November 2017, we have thrown a number of events and are looking at a very big year with lots more planned.”

What is your favourite item you’ve seen sold at your event?

“My favourite item was a vintage Versace jacket that went for over £200. I also really like Gooztees, an independent clothing brand in Sheffield that has a colourful collection of hand-drawn pictures and symbols.”

Can you tell us a few of the brands you’re expecting on the day?

“There will be a whole host of clothing brands including Poze, a cool brand started in Manchester that gives its proceeds to different environmental charities, once off a customised clothing company. Also the usual collection of vintage streetwear from Nike to Stone island and everything in between.”

 What do you see for the future of Fallow Garms?

“The future of Fallow Garms is hopefully going to be a student-run pop-up platform that travels around the country promoting independent brands and vintage clothing. We’re in talks to do a few festival stalls next summer but above all we want to provide the opportunities for people to resell and buy clothes in fun and different way.”

Fallow Garms takes place on Saturday 22nd at Cubo. Find Fallow Garms at @fallowgarms on Instagram.

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