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1st November 2018

A Sunday at The Whitworth

Juliette Flach describes a vibrant Sunday at The Whitworth: rather than starting a new Netflix series, why not head over to one of the gallery’s many free events?
A Sunday at The Whitworth
Photo: Juliette Flach

The Whitworth Art Gallery is well worth a visit. Located 10 minutes walk away from the University, it offers a great excuse for procrastination.

The gallery offers a range of long-lasting exhibitions, but a quick Google search will also reveal the vast number of one-off events occurring regularly. My latest trip to the Gallery was jam-packed. It included live Syrian music, an art installation and performance by Aaron Guy, involvement in the sew a tree project, a book fair, Journeys festival family activities, and a visit to the normal exhibitions.

My sense of time slipped away as I entered through the gallery doors. I wandered around the exhibitions marveling at the beauty inside each frame. While sauntering slowly through the book fair, I was invited to let my creativity flow in ‘Stitch a Tree’ project; an initiative to show solidarity with refugees as part of Alice Kettle’s show ‘Thread Bearing Witness‘. After embroidering a tree on some loose cotton to contribute to the communal tapestry,  I was drawn by the sound of voices to watch a performance celebrating Syrian through music.

Just as I was beginning to make my way towards the exit, I was once more pulled off track. A drum started beating, and with it a short performance by Aaron Guy began. Guy’s latest project is inspired by his time spent researching at the Working Class Movement library. After the performance, surrounded by his temporary exhibition, he discussed the motivations and thoughts behind his work. He highlighted the importance of the monochrome colours chosen and the power of the drum; aspects to ensure that working people’s struggles are heard.

So next time you are looking for some procrastination, rather than starting a new Netflix series, why not head over to the Whitworth Art Gallery.

Key events coming up at the gallery are:

Sunday lunchtime concerts: free music by RNCM students performed in front of a beautiful backdrop of falling Whitworth park. The next performance will be on Sunday 4 November, by Festivo Winds.

The Manchester Print fair: showcasing great designs illustrations and publishing’s.

Tuesday Talks: Every week providing new and interesting insights into the inspirations, influences and motivation of those involved in the arts.

Find out more information at:

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