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12th February 2019

Feed your mind: finding food in all the right places

The social media world can be a minefield of fakery and misconception – The Mancunion looks at the best wholesome accounts online
Feed your mind: finding food in all the right places
Photo: igorovsyannykov @ Pixabay

Social media is a minefield of dangerous potential. From ‘haters’, cinnamon challenges, and cat-fishing – to Instagram vanity and influencer advertisements – it’s a web of superficiality. However, in this anxious sea of networking there is an oasis: wholesome, pure food accounts.

So here, to offer some light relief, The Mancunion has rounded up some of our favourite podcasts, YouTube channels, and social media pages where you can find amazing food and drink. From inspiring recipes to wholesome discussions about how much we all just simply love food.

  1. Binging with Babish: The creation of Andrew Rea, Binging With Babish sees food from your favourite TV shows and film come to life. From The Office and Michael Scott’s pretzel with all the toppings, to Rick and Morty’s Szechuan Sauce. And, (bonus) learn the basics of cooking with his new videos, Basics with Babish.
  2. Bon Appetit: Where do we even start with Bon Appetit? The American food magazine has become a YouTube channel and Instagram account, offering a whole host of platforms. From their spin-off account @healthy_ish on Instagram, you can find simple and mouth watering recipes. Highlights have to be the hilarious ‘It’s Alive with Brad’ series on YouTube and ‘Gourmet Makes’. Chefs attempts to re-create your favourite foods like Pringles, Skittles and Oreos.
  3. Sorted Food: Sorted Food is a group of friends (two of which are professional chefs) who turned their love into food into a full blown franchise!  They follow themes such as ultimate battles; where you watch the boys compete to cook the best dish for a category such as ultimate brownie battle or ultimate breakfast battle. They also do full blown recipe videos, food reviews and gadget reviews whilst having the rapport and banter of genuine friends! Very entertaining to watch but also very well researched recipes and full of information that you can use yourself; as the professional chef element is tempered down by the other 3 boys being amateurs.
  4. Jake Cohen:@jakecohen on Instagram is a chef and food journalist, but we recommend you follow him for the most perfect pasta swirls you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Prepare to drool.
  5. Food Wishes: If there were one word to describe this YouTube account it would be wholesome. Like the girl-next-door but with dads, Chef John’s DIY food videos are the perfect way to learn cookery. You’ll be taught by a chuckling, pun-using classically trained chef. From simple recipes for one-pot Greek chicken, lemon, and potato bakes – to more complex demonstrations of pastel de natas (Portuguese custard tarts), this man is an angel. Each recipe is accompanied by full online written recipes and discussions of substitutions for his recipes. My personal favourite recipes are his pourable easy pizza dough, lobster mac and cheese, baklava, and Korean fried chicken. He’ll become your new dad and favourite chef in no time.
  6. Table Manners: Singer Jessie Ware sits down with her mum, Lennie, and various celebrities to talk food over a home cooked meal. Not only are the two hosts excellent chefs, their mother-daughter relationship makes the show hilarious and heartwarming. The podcast features guests such as Nigella Lawson, Alan Carr and Loyle Carner.
  7. Devour Power: Sometimes all you need is to watch someone else eat criminally unhealthy ‘cheat’ foods. This satisfies that craving. An American couple who document their travels on Instagram showcasing the best of extreme American indulgence! Aesthetically pleasing, regular posting, and so unhealthy that it makes you feel like a saint. Think laughably excessive stringy cheese, massive burgers and eye-rollingly sinful foods. Enjoy at your own peril…

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