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Cubo is up for sale

Fallowfield nightclub Cubo has been listed on the property market for a free-of-tie lease of £33,000. The listing can be found on the property search site Rightmove.

The reason for Cubo’s selling is due to the owner’s “relocation”. Despite this, club nights are still being advertised to take place at the venue for the foreseeable future.

It is unclear when the site will change hands, or whether it will continue as a nightclub.

The bar and nightclub, previously named Koh Tao, is located on Wilmslow Road. It serves as a popular nightlife venue for the high-density student population in Fallowfield.

Cubo is regarded as one of the area’s last remaining nightclub venues serving students, following Antwerp Mansion’s closure as a nightclub last year. Withington’s Indigo remains open.

On its Rightmove page, the property is described as a “student bar operating around the university’s schedule” with a “strong reputation”.

Also listed is the annual gross turnover of the property, which is “in the region of £250,000”, with a net profit of around £70,000.

The news was shared on popular Facebook group Fallowfield Students Group (FSG), to which comments expressed ideas of what the property could become, including a late-night vegan takeaway and a falafel joint.

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