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CoppaFeel say check your chest

CoppaFeel is a breast cancer charity whose main aim is to raise awareness in young people of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. In the UK, one in eight women will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime with around 400 men being diagnosed every year. Breast cancer is still the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women under 40, and our founder Kris started the charity 10 years ago to raise awareness in young people about how to be boob savvy and get to know your body!

Here at UoM’s UniBoob team we have hosted blind dating shows and club nights to raise awareness. We organised a naked calendar of the university’s sports teams, which we are still selling via our Facebook page CoppaFeel Manchester for £5. On the 20th February we are having an afterparty for the Reclaim the Night march at Ziggy Sixx in Fallowfield. This will be DJ’d by the all-female DJ collective Not Bad for a Girl with bassline/drum and bass playing all night.

You can check your boobs in any way that feels comfortable for you. In the shower, when you’re lying down in bed, or in the mirror before you get dressed. However you want to check, we have some handy pointers to help.

Check regularly — we recommend once a month so that you will notice any changes. Get to know what is normal for you; being breast aware simply means knowing what is normal for your boobs or pecs. If you have periods, it’s likely you’ll find that your boobs will naturally change as part of your cycle each month. Check by looking and feeling for anything unusual and don’t forget to check in armpits and collarbones as well.

If in doubt — get it checked out! Go to your local GP, as your doctor is the only person who can refer you for further examination.

When checking, look for changes in skin texture and swelling in either collarbones or armpits. Be aware of constant, unusual pain in and around the breast area, and keep an eye out for lumps, thickening of tissue, or unusual discharge from the nipple. Nipple inversion, rash, crusting, or sudden unusual changes in size or shape may also be signs and symptoms.

With the money raised from charity events, CoppaFeel goes into schools and universities educating young people about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. They provide a completely free monthly texting service, which anyone can sign up to and which reminds you once a month to check your breasts. All you have to do is text ‘UBT UOM’ to 70500, and you will receive a text which could save your life.

For any additional information go to the CoppaFeel website.

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