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University of Manchester buildings re-open after flooding causes disruption

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Breaking News: Oxford Road closed due to burst pipe

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Hero Training Club: “A new approach to fitness and wellbeing”

Society has generally accepted that having a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, and yet many exercise companies still neglect the impact that exercising one’s mental side can have on training the physical. Enter Hero Training Clubs!

The company describes itself as “a new approach to fitness and wellbeing” because their facilities prioritise physical training, as well as wellness. Yes, they have four unbelievably stunning work-out studios, but their space also boasts a range of wellness opportunities too. The club offers treatments such as sports massages, hypnotherapy, and physiotherapy (amongst others!), has trained therapists which provide individual counselling sessions, and nutritionists which can help budding athletes plan better diets.

In terms of physical training the space is organised into four categories of fitness, each with its own appropriately designed studio. Though there is a ‘just train’ membership available (as you would with a normal gym) the club prides themselves on their inclusive and very carefully calculated class-structure. Classes help motivate individuals more because everyone adopts a “let’s help encourage each other” mentality, even though it’s people you’ve never met. It’s really quite inspiring.

Firstly there are Cardio classes which are focussed around spinning. The spinning studio is really something to behold, fitted with colour-changing LED lights, state of the art spinning-bikes, a full cinematic projector screen and the most enthusiastic trainers you could imagine. I was offered to attend a ‘Party on a Bike’ class and was really surprised by how good it made me feel; as someone who doesn’t work out a lot I was beyond-pleasantly surprised by how motivated I felt after. The Rejuvenate studio is a zen space that hosts what I call ‘relaxing’ exercise, like yoga, forms of Pilates, and the very intriguing and oddly freeing ‘Animal Flow’ class. With all equipment sponsored by Lulu-Lemon, not only is the space perfect to work out the body and mind, but great for a candid Instagram pic.

htc studi

HTC Studios

Athletic classes focus on combining cardio with strength-conditioning, such as HIIT exercises or boxing, which improves cardiovascular fitness. But don’t be intimidated by the “push-yourself” attitude, the reassuring coaches will make you feel encouraged and safe even if you’ve never stepped into a gym in your life. Finally, Stronger classes are about developing strength and getting lean. And again, do not be ashamed of your noodle arms – if you want to train, no one here will tell you, you can’t.

They also run ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions. These are opportunities for you to cool down after your workout with other members and even trainers to discuss a particular wellbeing topic. For example, ‘sleep quality’, ‘stress management’ and ‘positive psychology’ are three running currently. Imagine getting super pumped up with a group of people in the gym, and then all chilling out over protein shakes to discuss mental health – how has no one thought of this already? Plus, the more you go the more you’ll recognise everyone – the vibe is essentially for everyone to feel like a part of one big mentally-and-physically-happy family.

With membership packages starting at £62 a month, it may not seem ideal for a student budget. So why not head over and try out a free class before committing? Hero Training Clubs is giving you the chance to test out the space when you use the QR code below (if you’re reading this online, you’ll have to grab a copy of our print issue!). Bring a friend, grab a juice, and feel balance between your body and mind.



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Head Science Editor
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