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Why Instagram influencers are important now more than ever

In times like these, we all need someone to turn to and keep us going. Although Instagram influencers are primarily known for recommending that new mascara or showing off their latest finds from Pretty Little Thing, their value might go further than this during the pandemic.

Due to the mass closing of shops and the cancellation of many fashion shows and red-carpet events, finding fashion inspiration has become incredibly difficult. Instagram influencers are combatting this by constantly providing inspiration for real life styles that are relevant to the current moment. They’re also more sincere than ever, as the lack of new releases that they might otherwise promote and brands having lower advertising budgets means what they’re recommending is genuine.

Not only do they provide easily accessible style inspiration, but they’re also a constant form of support and familiarity during these difficult times. There’s much more to influencers than what meets the eye – they can entertain, inspire you, motivate you to try something new  – it’s not just about looking at their photo and liking the dress they’re wearing.

Influencers have proven on countless occasions during the coronavirus outbreak that they are more than just pretty faces that want to persuade you to buy flat-tummy teas and a new pair of Balenciagas. Strictly Come Dancing star and influencer Saffron Barker started the #YouTubers4NHSHeroes fundraising campaign where many YouTube influencers donated all of the money earned from one of their videos to the campaign (most notably Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, with 4.82 million subscribers).

Other influencers have responded to the coronavirus pandemic by heading to the frontline themselves, including Love Island’s Anna Vakili returning to work as a pharmacist, stating in an Instagram caption: “with everything that’s going on it felt wrong not to.”

From entertaining us during the lockdown to using their platform to raise awareness and money for the NHS, influencers are doing everything that they can to help during this pandemic, giving us healthy doses of real life and escapism in equal measure.

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Daisy Bradbury

Fashion Editor
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