9th May 2022

SeXion Introduction!

We’re launching the Mancunion’s newest section about all things sex and relationships – an inclusive space for all bodies and genders

Hello you sexy minxes and welcome to the Mancunion’s new SeXion! (Pun very much intended)

As a student paper, we want most of all to write about what’s important to students. Amidst all of the SU scandals and department drama, it felt like there was a need for a platform to talk about sex and relationships, and all of the wonderful chaos that entails. Y’know, the personal stuff you chat about down the pub with your mates…or over breakfast…or on a 4 hour long phone call. We would love to hear about it as well!

Our main focus is for this section to be wholly inclusive, and representative of all genders and bodies. This means that you can write about everything from sex to celibacy, or love to heartbreak, and everything in between!

So whether you have sex all. of. the. time. (God, get a room!), or maintain admiral abstinence, from flirtation fiascos to flat-cest faux pas, there is definitely something in this section for everyone.

No one said you can’t be sexy and studious, (in fact, I’m sure some people would be very much into both) so it seemed only fair that our student paper should be as well!

Know a thing or two about the science behind an orgasm? SeXion it.

Think there’s not enough representation of LGBTQ+ relationships in popular culture? SeXion it.

Thinking ‘God, this girl needs to stop relentlessly banging on about sex and relationships’? You guessed it…SeXion it.

The sexiest issue of The Mancunion yet will be out next academic year, with the result of the UoM survey carefully curated by yours truly. If you’ve not done so, please fill in as much or as little of it as you’d like. It’s all anonymous – obvs!

The link can be found @TheMancunion on instagram and Facebook. I’ve also popped it here for you just in case:

Lots of love, your SeXion xoxo

Also feel free to message me on Facebook (I’m Annie Dabb) or Instagram @dabbinthedark for contributions or more information!

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