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Annie Dabb expresses student anxieties about another year of online teaching and questions the probability of Manchester University living up to it’s promises of ‘blended learning’

UK Government add pulled for sexist imagery.

Annie Dabb looks into concerns that the pandemic may have reversed the impacts of modern feminism and sent us back to the era of 1950s housewives

anti-catcalling graffiti

Discussing listening to misogynistic lyrics to block out real-life sexist comments, and exploring patriarchal pressures on all genders

Chris Whitty. Picture: Gresham College @ Flickr

Annie Dabb questions what exactly an Oxford education has done for Chris Whitty and makes some suggestions for the government’s Coronavirus measures

Students protest fences at Fallowfield Campus

Annie Dabb describes the atmosphere at the protests against the Fallowfield fences, and puts into words just how many UoM students are feeling