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28th October 2022

Let’s Get Gooey

Check out Gooey Manchester, for all your doughnut, cake and sandwich needs!
Let’s Get Gooey
Photo: Eleni Spirou @ the Mancunion

Having garnered a cult following since opening as a pop-up and delivery service in 2020, it was only a matter of time before Gooey expanded. Situated on High Street in the Northern Quarter, their Bakery and Café opened at the end of August, much to the delight of their fans. In addition to their popular (and delicious!) cookies and doughnuts, they are now serving brunch, lunch and coffee. 

Last week, my housemates and I went to visit, eager to try out the new brunch menu and also grab some of our favourite cookies. The staff are accommodating and friendly, and the interior is minimal and cool, with an open kitchen so you can see where the magic happens! 

We were instantly overwhelmed with choice when it came to the menu. Having heard about their unique take on the classic egg sandwich, I ended up ordering it (although it was a hard decision between this and the insta-famous French toast!)

It definitely lived up to the hype. The combination of the soft, fluffy shokupan bread and the creamy egg mayo, plus the surprise jammy, whole egg in the middle really makes this a showstopper sandwich. Even the humble bacon sandwich was elevated here, with my housemate calling it “the best bacon sarnie,” she’d ever eaten. 

Photo: Eleni Spirou @ The Mancunion

There’s also a full coffee menu, alongside juices and cold drinks such as their iced strawberry vanilla matcha, which was very aesthetically pleasing. After devouring our brunch plates, we turned our heads to the sweet treats Gooey are famous for. Along the counter there was an array of mouth-watering doughnuts, cookies and pastries, making it impossible to choose just one!

Photo: Eleni Spirou @ The Mancunion

Having already tried most of their regular cookies (the milk chocolate being my favourite) I went with the weekly special: ‘The Malteaser Special Cookie’. Filled with malted chocolate ganache, dipped in milk chocolate and topped with honeycomb, this was delicious and undoubtedly left me in a sugar coma. My housemates tried out some of the doughnuts, and both were delighted by how good they were.

Photo: Eleni Spirou @ The Mancunion

There was no doubt that Gooey’s new venture would be brilliant, and my visit did not disappoint. From the unforgettable egg sandwich to the luxuriously indulgent sweet treats, everything succeeded my expectations. I can’t wait to go back and try the iconic French toast that is constantly featured on my Instagram feed!

Gooey’s Bakery and Cafe are open Monday-Sunday from 9-6. They also have a kiosk at Ducie Street Warehouse which is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

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